When I opened my boutique 3 years ago I had only one purpose in mind- to make everyday dressing pleasure and fun by offering helping hand in putting together stylish looks. I thought - ”Just like going to a hairdresser, why not come to a fashion expert for the refresh and update, especially if the advice is personal and free” To look good in London your outfits must be effortless and combine something casual with something smart. It’s a tough task for anyone, but having done it for nearly 10 years, we know exactly the balance.

To inspire you to think and dress in contemporary outfits, we put together a few examples, which are suitable for typical London lifestyle and weather. If you like to try our service, please contact us on 02073 717 526 , boutique@natashacoote.com or complete the styling form online. We would love to help. Natasha x