Andrea, Fulham

Jan, 16

I love love love my coat!!! I am wearing it indoors now! Thank you - Everyone at school and nursery this morning said they loved it and last night.

Anna, Fulham

Sep, 14

"Natasha has an amazing range. She has dressed me for work travel, rainy days at the office, and glamorous weekends. I keep getting compliments, with people telling me how on-trend the clothes are and how well they suit me. I love the whole concept of putting together an outfit, while previously I would buy a piece and then spend months trying to find anything to go with it."

Dana, Switzerland

Aug, 29

Natasha, Thank you so much for today it was lovely meeting you. I had a great time and was so impressed with your shop and service! Thanks also for your patience with the twins ! Thanks again

Tara, Fulham

Aug, 14

I just wanted to say how lovely your shop is after having been to it for the first time last night! It was great that you showed me your collection downstairs as I would have assumed everything would have been mega expensive which I couldn’t buy but it wasn’t! I’ll definitely come in to your store in the future as the clothes are real one off pieces and I will definitely tell my friends where you are too. I’ll have to come back very soon to do some shopping with a friend!

Chiara, Fulham

Jul, 10

I can’t thank you enough for the session today.  I am so excited to try out my new looks. I loved everything you put together for me, and wish I could have gotten everything!  I will definitely be back. Please keep me updated when you have presentations.Hope to visit again soon.

Laura, Fulham

Jul, 05

Although a daunting idea – 2 hours spent sorting through my wardrobe with Natasha has saved me so much time getting dressed in the mornings and feeling confident about the way I look every day. I have discovered several new looks from my existing wardrobe as well as taken Natasha’s honest (but never brutal!) advice about bad purchases or worn looking items.  Photos taken of me on Natasha’s ipad are now an easy and inspiring reference for me when deciding on an outfit to wear.  At my follow up appointment at the boutique, an edited rail had already been prepared for me.  What I really liked was that there was no pressure to buy everything but all items had been carefully chosen as things I needed and were to my taste and suited my body shape.  I would definitely recommend this service.  It might seem a bit indulgent but it actually focuses your mind when shopping, saves time and in my case, actually makes me look forward to getting dressed every morning!!

Yvalia, Fulham

Jun, 29

Thanks Natasha! I’ve worn nothing else since I left the shop! The outfits are great, and yes I’m looking forward to integrating them into my existing wardrobe.

Emily, Fulham

Jun, 16

I have been meaning to drop you a line to thank you so much for the time you spent with me a few weeks ago to re-address my wardrobe. I absolutely love everything I bought from you and I have received so many compliments. The pieces are all so versatile and I’ve been able to mix and match them all. You are so talented to be able to make me look ok!

I am really looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks with my Mum and my sister. They were both super impressed with my new pieces.

Pip, Fulham

Jun, 12

I had a lovely time at the boutique today. Thank you for your advice and relaxed approach. I love the things I bought. It’s a lovely concept, with great stylists!

Axelle, Parsons Green

May, 25

Today I opened my cupboard and I blessed you! Thank you so much for this very informative stylish session! See you soon.

Cally, Fulham

May, 10

I felt so good having discovered your shop and most of all yourselves. I feel with your help I shall make some much improved wardrobe decisions, that flatter and make me try clothes I might not give a second glance.

Jane, Fulham

Apr, 28

I felt so good having discovered your shop and most of all yourselves. I feel with your help I shall make some much improved wardrobe decisions, that flatter and make me try clothes I might not give a second glance.

Melissa, Fulham

Apr, 16

Natasha has wonderful style and is fantastic at putting together outfits that mix and match and fit with my life. She has introduced me to many new brands and has gotten me to try things I wouldn’t have thought of on my own (and now love!) Natasha’s personal approach makes shopping a pleasure and so much easier and efficient than trying to do it on my own.

Siobhan, Edinburgh

Mar, 11

Thank you Natasha & Ellie for styling me so brilliantly over the past four seasons. I love all my new clothes and especially the way they all mix and match and can be dressed up or dressed down for a more casual look. I spent years opening my wardrobe never knowing what to wear and always thinking I had nothing to wear despite a full wardrobe of clothes. Now I am spoilt for choice. Your expert styling means choosing an outfit is now effortless. Thank you also for giving me the confidence to try new things and for guiding me with accessories. I am delighted with the end result and could not have done it without you. I feel like the coolest mum at the school gates!

Katherine, Parsons Green

Feb, 16

Natasha just puts a look together perfectly, she really is the best in the business. My wardrobe has been transformed since I met her nearly 2 years ago. She always has interesting brands at different price levels and knows what suits you – I can’t recommend her shop and service highly enough!!

Jo, Fulham

Jan, 23

Thank you for a great styling session and for sending the photos (with inspiration for further purchases).  I may not be your most profitable Fulham customer, but I’m not going to shop anywhere else now!

Natalie, Fulham

Jan, 14

Thank you very much indeed, I had a very pleasant shopping experience with you, a far cry from my usual!

Iona, Putney

Jan, 12

Congratulations on turning 1!  Have a wonderful night tonight and I’m hoping very much to pop in tomorrow morning.  I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me over the years and the panelled red and black dress had another outing at the Savoy for a charity evening and was much admired.  So thank you.

Victoire, Paris

Jan, 4

Thank you very much for your warm welcoming and the wonderful session we had all together. I will be back, for sure ! Thanks again to all of you, we really had the most amazing time and it’s very rare to receive good and real advices…But it’s just the beginning.

Hollie, Wandsworth

Dec, 23

Just to say thank you for all your help the other weekend. I love all my new looks and feel really refreshed and stylish now! I attach two pics from my black tie event – had a lot of compliments on shoes/necklace! and we won a big award so it all went well…

Sarina, Fulham

Dec, 21

Thank you so much for yesterday, I had such a lovely time picking an outfit with you – you really couldn’t have helped me with a more perfect outfit!! I think at the beginning of next month I will book another appointment for a couple of casual but essential items that I can wear all the time! Would I be able to book an appointment with you again? Thanks again so much!!

Jo, Fulham

Dec, 12

Just to let you know that the shoes and jeans arrived today. I’ve just tried them on and they’re great! So, I’m all set for the  summer now. Many thanks